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Related article: our bags. Don't worry guys; Uncle Bill is fine, he's just so happy to see
us." The boys scooted away, now having a job to do, and Lolitas Art Pthc Joe turned around
in the next attached seat and locked eyes with me again. He didn't say
anything, just grinned that same reassuring smile I have known all of my
life, and kept his arm resting on my shoulder. `He always did know just
what to say or do,' I thought as I looked again into those deep, warm,
brown pools that seemed to divine even your innermost thoughts. My anxiety
attack lessened and I was gradually able to get my emotional outburst under
control. Just as I was thinking about it, a bright red bandana magically
appeared in front of me. I wiped my eyes and started to fold it back when
he commanded, "Blow!" just like old times.
I dutifully blew my nose, refolded his kerchief the best I could, and
handed it back. He took it and slid it in his pocket just as he had done
when we were growing up. I looked over and saw Timmy, the smallest of our
boys, lugging over the largest of the three cases as the boys returned. I
knew that it was his way of proving that he was just as big a boy as the
others so I refrained from commenting and just chuckled. Joe glanced in
the direction I was looking and I saw a scowl cross his face when he saw
that Billy, the largest, was empty-handed. Billy saw it too, and asked his
dad for the tickets so he could check them out through security at baggage
claim. Joe pulled the tickets out of his jacket pocket and handed them
over. Billy wasted no time in herding the boys over to the uniformed
people who were checking the numbers on the tags to verify ownership.
I got up and as we started through the automatic doors, I told the boys to
wait on the curbside while Joe and I caught the shuttle to take Lolitas Art Pthc us to my
van in one of the Lolitas Art Pthc many parking lots. As we took our seats on the bus, Joe
turned to me and asked, "Why didn't you call me before it got this bad?"
All I could do was to revert to our teenage years when he would ask me a
similar question, and just shrugged my shoulders with a half-assed grin.
"No matter; I'm here now and we'll talk more at home, but right now I could
eat a horse! I think you said something about a Yacht Club..."
We talked as we rode, easily falling back into the long-practiced habits of
conversation that we had polished over a lifetime of sharing and loving,
and telling each other our secrets. We got off where I indicated and
walked toward my van as I punched the remote on my keychain, unlocking the
doors for us. Joe just grinned at me as we got buckled in rather than his
usual comments about `my newfangled gadgets'. I negotiated the lot, paid
the toll at the exit booth, and then made my way back around the loop back
to the terminal to retrieve the boys. With all of the added security these
days, the roving patrols eye a driver who leaves his seat, making sure that
he doesn't leave the close vicinity. "I guess they really mean that this
is a `No Parking Zone'," Joe commented and I looked up as we were loading
the bags in the Lolitas Art Pthc back to see that he was staring at the wrecker that was
running and under flashing yellow lights parked at the start of Lolitas Art Pthc the
`Arrivals' lanes in front of the terminal.
We all got in the many seats of the van, the boys sorting out who was going
to sit where and getting buckled in as I said, "Yeah, they really go nuts
if a driver gets more than a few feet away from his car. And heaven forbid
that he goes inside to get someone � by the time he's back, his car is gone
and it'll cost him $350 to get it back." The boys sat kinda dumbstruck as
Joe whistled between his teeth and I put the van into gear and headed down
the ramp to merge into traffic heading toward downtown.
Portland is one of those middle-aged, western cities that isn't old enough
to have re-vitalized the downtown and dockside areas like many of the
cities back east, and is a hodge-podge of affluent high-rises located next
to a wharfside warehouse district. The Portland Yacht Club is one of the
poshest restaurants on the entire Columbia River, but to get to it, you
have to go through some rather seedy areas. As the sun was getting close
to setting out toward the mouth of the river, it presented a fantastic view
of the evening sailboats heading out and the play of light and dark off the
water and the competing buildings. Everyone was quiet and just gawking at
the sites as I negotiated the various turns and one-way streets to get us
to the underground garage closest to our destination. I parked and we
walked out onto Marine Drive and headed toward the Expo Center and the
boardwalk area.
Conversation was light, catching up on everything since the last time we
were all together � which, unfortunately, was Betty's funeral. The boys
seemed to easily fall back into their camaraderie from earlier times, and
laughed and joked as Lolitas Art Pthc we walked. The lights were starting to wink on as we
entered the Yacht Club. I was by no means a `regular' but they treated us
as if we were. When I made the reservation, I requested a table by the
front windows since I had relatives coming in from out of state, and wanted
to show off our town a little. The staff really outdid my expectations;
the had us seated overlooking the sailboats on the river, and on one of the
three main promontories that projected out onto the river.
The meal was fantastic, and I was amazed to see that all four of our eating
machines were so well satiated that they actually turned down the dessert
cart when the waiter wheeled it over to our table. I was only mildly
surprised when I saw the nearly $300 bill for the six of our dinners, but
that did include our wine that I splurged with for the occasion. Joe and I
relaxed on the outside deck enjoying an after dinner cigarette when Steve
came up to me and gave me a big hug, then went off with the others as they
climbed down the 1,000 steps to the riverfront. I looked over Lolitas Art Pthc
to Joe, but
he looked about as baffled as I was and could only shrug at his son's
We watched Lolitas Art Pthc the sun set completely and the lights gradually light up on each
of the sailboats as they silently glided back upriver to their moorings.
The boys returned from their excursion and we made our way back to the van
to Lolitas Art Pthc
head out of town; we still had about an hour's drive before we were
home. About halfway there, I noticed a general lull in the conversation,
so I glanced in the mirror. The combination of a full meal, the excitement
of the day, and the travel west had subdued the usually boisterous brood,
and I saw that Timmy and Steve had fallen asleep entwined on one side of
the back seat, and Jeff was gently stroking the hair of a sleeping Billy in
the third seat. Jeff smiled at me when he caught my eye, and I Lolitas Art Pthc
tapped Joe
on the shoulder, indicating that he needed to look in the back seats.
After he had looked at the boys, he slid his hand onto my knee and gave me
a gentle squeeze, reassuring me as I drove south.
It was almost 10pm when I wheeled the van into our driveway and straight
into the garage. Joe and I roused the boys and we made a ragtag procession
into the house and down the hall. Since I was late getting inside after
closing the car and the garage, I saw Joe heading into my room, so I
followed him down the hall. As I passed Timmy's room, I looked in and saw
that Steve had joined him there, so I guessed that Billy would be bunking
with Jeff. I rounded the doorway and saw Joe just coming out from my
bathroom. "Ahhh, I needed that," he said as he only buttoned the waist
button, ignoring the zipper on his slacks.
"You can hang up anything you want here," I told Joe, indicating my
He put up his hand and responded, "That can wait `til morning bro, nothing
I brought will wrinkle. Let's check on the boys and see if we can call it
a night. After all, it IS past midnight back home." I hadn't given a lot
of thought to the jet lag but I understood his thinking. We walked over to
Timmy's room and saw that both of our boys were stripped and bushing their
teeth. We just looked at each other and grinned; obviously, they had the
same idea. I walked over and turned down Timmy's new bed, ready for them
to climb in. As I was bent over, my back was suddenly attacked. I grabbed
a bare lag and rolled him onto the soft mattress. It was then I saw that
it was my nephew, Steven. He threw his arms around my neck and I kind of
slid him into position with his head on the pillow, and he released his
"Thanks for inviting us out Uncle Bill, it's a lot better than being bored
at home," he said up to me as I pulled the covers up and watched as Timmy
bounced onto the other side. Joe went over, pulled the covers up for him,
and gave him a quick peck on the head.
"You're very welcome Steven," I told him, "I'm glad to have you here. I
hope we have a lot of fun while you're here. I know the boys are really
glad you came � now they can escape from the old man." I gave him a quick
peck on the cheek and could see that he was heavy lidded and I was sure
they'd both be in dreamland in no time. Bill and I walked out the door and
as I turned off the lights and closed the door, the last thing I saw were
two mopheads looking like little angels.
We walked into Jeff's room since the door was open, and the efficient Billy
was just hanging up clothes in Jeff's closet. "So what are you guys
planning for the rest of the evening?" Joe asked them.
"I'm beat dad," Billy answered. "Are you guys gonna stay up?"
"Nah, it's past midnight back home, and it's been a long time since 5am
this morning," Joe told him as I watched Billy follow Jeff's lead and start
to undress. "If you guys do stay up, please keep it down, ok? The little
guys are already asleep and I think Bill and I are headed that way too."
"We will Uncle Joe," Jeff told him as he walked over in his boxer-briefs
and gave him a hug and a quick kiss. `Damn, Billy has really turned out
great,' I saw as he walked over to me with his eyes twinkling beneath his
mop of red-brown hair. I held my arms out and he came into a nice
"brotherly" embrace and clapped me on the back.
"Thanks for asking us to come out on our break Uncle Bill," he said as he
pulled back and looked at me.
"I'm glad you all could come; now, off to bed guys," and made a move to
turn down the bed for them.

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